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October 30 2018 :

How to choose the right housing society when buying flats

If you are planning to buy flat in Kalyan in one of the housing societies, here is a useful guide for you. Investing in any sort of property requires the homeowner to carry out certain research. It is necessary for you to examine the trends in the market, get a comprehensive knowledge of the financial and legal issues, find good deals and schemes and have a look at the reputation of the housing project, before you finally strike the deal. Besides, you need to compare the top housing societies in the area prior to the purchase.

Most of the homeowners check out the following aspects, before investing in the flats.

  • The cost of the plot
  • Transportation facilities
  • Access to the key business hubs
  • Modern amenities present in the complex
  • Management and security in the housing society
  • Booking and buying process
In case you are willing to buy flat in Kalyan, have a look into these areas to find the most suitable deal for you. The initial step is to compare the schemes that you come across. A good amount of homework is involved in the process, where you need to visit the website of each of the societies and check out the particulars. Particularly, you should focus on the quality of amenities and whether they complement your lifestyle. Now, you need to compare the deals after completing the shortlisting process. Most of the homeowners consult the property brokers to get these properties customized. Investors willing to buy flat in Kalyan should also consider the legal and financial obligations. These include the fees and insurance and the secondary costs involved in the process, if any. Other costs include charges that you need to pay for parking space, using the common areas and so on. One of the key aspects to look into is the location of the housing society. Usually, homebuyers prefer complexes that are located in a close proximity to the commercial zones. This makes it easy for them to commute to the offices and business areas. Besides, you should look out for a housing society from where you can easily get across to the key places of entertainment in the city. This includes the shopping malls, theatres, restaurants, bars and so on. The schools and hospitals should be located close to the housing society, so that you have no difficulty in reaching these areas. In case you travel frequently, you may look out for an apartment located close to the airport or railway station. The best option is to consult with the agents online when you buy flat in Kalyan. They will help you to choose the right property. It is recommended to evaluate the valuation and rental potential of the property, before deciding whether to buy it or not. In recent years, the prices of property in Kalyan have increased. A large number of corporate employees are interested in getting these apartments on rent. As a result, the homeowners are able to generate a good rental income from these flats. You must go for an apartment that couples up as a good investment opportunity.

October 30 2018
October 15 2018 :

Precautions to take while buying a flat

Homeowners interested in investing in a flat should take guard against a number of elements before making the purchase. If you are willing to buy one of the elegant flats in Kalyan West, here is a useful guide for you.

As a homebuyer, you might consider price to be the only factor to watch out, when you buy the property. Remember, you are about to make a crucial decision, so make sure not to rush to the conclusion. Read on to get an idea about the precautions you should be adopting while buying a house.
Price of the property
Well, you can easily filter the properties in the online portals by their prices. Most of the homeowners fix a budget and then shortlist the probable options from the property websites. You need to conduct a little homework before buying the property. Get quotations from several agents around the area, and check whether a consistency exists in the prices that they have quoted. This will help you to understand whether the price that your agent is demanding is as per the market standards, or higher. Before investing in the flats in Kalyan West, talk to a property broker to get an estimate of the price.
Land record
Investors should be proactive in checking the land record of the property before going for it. Land record involves the topography and soil quality in the land where the building has been developed. The plot needs to be registered and all previous dues should be clear. Check the details of the deed and carry out the necessary verification processes. Through the deed, you will get the ownership and rights, and come to know about the obligations, if any.
Check legal aspects
In case you are interested in buying one of the new flats in Kalyan West, you should make sure that the plot on which it is located is legally authorized. The real estate company developing the property should have NOCs from the concerned authorities responsible for area development, sewage boards, electricity boards, water supply and the Municipal Corporation.
Possession of the apartment
In many cases, the homeowners pay an advance amount for booking the apartment, but are unable to acquire it on time. The developers are often slow in completing the construction process, which delays the possessions. The recent guidelines prescribed by the RERA, the board regulating real estate in India requires the property developers to deliver the apartments within the agreed timeframe.
Location of the apartment
Property owners should check out the location of the flats before finalizing the deal. This is because, the location determines the accessibility to schools, hospitals, shopping complexes and other areas around the complex. Besides, you would like to move to one of the flats in Kalyan West, from where you can easily reach the business hubs in the city. The security issues of the area should also be considered, and all these aspects depend on the location of the residential complex.
Make sure to adhere to these guidelines, that will help you keep away monetary losses and legal issues when you buy an apartment in Kalyan West.

October 15 2018
August 10 2018 :

Five must-have amenities for your housing society

‘Home Sweet Home’, could really exist anywhere and everywhere but, what about ‘A Happy Society’? Does that perfect combination exist?

Today’s busy schedule and hectic lives do not allow us to waste time on getting the basic things sorted. We live in the Internet era and we would want everything with the click of a button. Be it hitting the gym, buying the daily grocery, taking your dog for a walk, or searching for a library, we would all want it within our apartment premises. Thanks to the amenities-rich housing societies that fulfill the needs of the residents’! Check the flats in Kalyan!
Here are the Five must-have amenities for your housing society:
Parking a vehicle has become such a pain these days. None of us would want to spend hours and hours in searching the right parking spot. The apartments should have a spacious parking zone that will let the residents park hassle-free. It has been observed that the average number of homes in the big cities own at least two vehicles. Thus, a housing society must better parking zones to accommodate the vehicles.  
Power backup
The power cuts are frequent in India; hence, a backup facility is always at the top of the essentials. Be it your apartment or the society, together, backup facilities should be installed for a better living. The electronic products like refrigerators, washing machines, computers, geysers, and grinders operate only when there is a proper power supply. Thus, a housing society must have a power backup.
Also, abrupt outages can lead to short circuits too!  
Safety Systems:
The concept of luxurious homes is not just restricted to the creativity or spacious living areas but, also to safety systems. A robust security system is the need of the hour and modern-living societies must tighten the security. The CCTV surveillance systems, video door phone, firefighting equipment, and intercom facilities are a must. Ensure that your housing society has all these in place.
Find out more about Kalyan Properties before you book your flat!  
Water Supply
Given that, not just electricity surges are the concern in our country, water scarcity also exists majorly. Hence, to avoid the common mistake or the bliss of ignorance, it is imperative to install eco-friendly measure to harvest water. Over and above, you should always choose eco-friendly features such as solar panels and energy efficient fixtures over any other.  
Recreational Zone:
Let us just say your weekends have to be relaxing but you cannot stay indoors all day. The housing society you want to move into must have recreational spots such as parks, gyms, fitness clubs, and playing area.
The development of well-organized residential projects is a significant trend that will definitely lead to a better path down the line. So now, all you need to do is, make sure that you get all these check-listed before you move into your new home.
There are several projects in Kalyan that are designed as per the modern housing societies. The builders in Kalyan will help you to buy the best flat in Kalyan!

August 10 2018
August 10 2018 :

7 Reasons To Buy a House Right Away

Do you have mixed feelings about buying a home? Are there several factors that is impacting your purchase decision? Trust us, the right time is, NOW or Never! Real estate domain has always been witnessing upsurge and down-surge depending on the market conditions. Can the market fluctuations be a reason for you not to buy a house? Absolutely not! There are several reasons why you should buy a house at the earliest. Want to know the 7 best reasons why you should buy a house right away? Here we go:

1. Housing loans are available at cheaper rates:
Over the last few years, the interest rates have undergone a massive change. The members of various income groups have purchased the houses at subsidized rates through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. Do not be disappointed if you haven’t reaped the benefits of this Yojana.
The central Government and the Reserve Bank of India are working, in conjunction, with the various banks to make the interest rates cheap.
Thus, if you are yet to buy 1 BHK in Kalyan, avail the housing loans at a cheaper rate and own your dream home at the earliest.
2. Reduced costs:
The real estate industry has witnessed a huge downfall in the last few years. This factor had forced the developers to reduce the prices of the properties. Thus, if you are planning to buy flats in kalyan, this is the right time to invest in the ready-to-possess properties.
3. Low Rentals
The availability of housing loans at cheaper interest rates and significant price reduction is facilitating the buyers to enjoy a less financial burden. The buyers can, not only afford an EMI of their dream house but, can also pay the rent of their current location easily.
4. Income on properties
This is an appropriate time for those buyers who are looking to invest in the property with the intention to gain an income. These investors can put their properties on rent immediately, after purchasing it. This will help them to generate a good amount of cash inflows in the form of rentals. One can earn a significant resale value in the long run that will enhance their capital base.
5. Enhance the capital base
India is the fastest growing economy in the world. The GDP rate is rising progressively when compared to the last few years. This makes the investment in the real estate more lucrative. The real estate is offering an exponential return which will definitely increase over a period of time. Therefore, purchasing the house might increase the net value of the asset by a significant amount in the coming years.
Consider the future perspective of Real Estate and purchase a house before you lose the best deal!
6. Social security
Apart from a good income, all we long for is a stable life. A home is just not a shelter but, a security in the long period of time. also, it reflects your financial status in the society. Owning a home gives a person a good social status in the neighborhood.
7.Impact of taxes
With the implementation of GST, the investors now enjoy a reduced tax burden. The GST, on the entire cost of the project, shall be levied at a tax rate of 12%. This further allows the builder to claim input credit which makes the projects more economical.
If you are planning to buy a home, do consider the above-mentioned reasons and proceed with the purchase. Looking for 1bhk in Kalyan? There are several builders in Kalyan who can help you to get your dream house at an affordable price. Do contact them!

August 10 2018
August 06 2016 : The Times of India (Mumbai)


With plans afoot towards boosting seamless connectivity, besides the development of a business hub and more, the overall equation in the realty sector of this part of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) is poised for change, thus dramatically transforming Kalyan into a new real estate destination.

With major in frastructural projects un derway in and around Kalyan, the region is likely to witness a complete change in demographics, thus making it the most promising real estate destination in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). For instance, the planning body City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) plans to extend the Belapur-Taloja metro rail service upto Kalyan, which is bound to boost the real estate scenario. Similarly, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has planned an extensive road network, including a proposed 29 km Kalyan Ring Road. The highway connecting Thane to Kalyan will witness better connectivity due to ongoing projects on key flyovers as well as the additional bridge on Durgadi Chowk reducing the travel time to just 30 minutes.

On the other hand, the increase in commercial activity in and around Kalyan especially Thane, Navi Mumbai and its periphery has started attracting investors from Mumbai who are looking for a better lifestyle, affordable prices and good connectivity.

Interestingly, Kalyan is already shortlisted among the 98 smart cities to be developed across the country. In fact, Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis has shown special interest in the overall development of Kalyan. With the intention of boosting employment opportunities around Mumbai, the state government has planned several growth centres around MMR. A plan is now ready to start the first such growth centre in Kalyan.

The growth centre, which will be developed as a busi ness hub, will have a well-developed transport system, smart city facilities and necessary infrastructure for housing, to attract investors.The MMRDA has accepted the plan for the growth centre which will come up on 5,500 hectares of land between Nilje and Kalyan City.

Over the years, several prominent developers have recognised the huge opportunity that the robust market in the region extends to contemporary home-buyers. With a clear vision of providing premium lifestyle solutions to aspiring buyers, Tycoons' Group is one such company which has remained committed to transforming Kalyan for the last 17 years. In fact, the Group has been a pioneer in introducing a luxury lifestyle to Kalyan in the form of the city's first club Springtime Club, the city's first multiplex Cinemax and the city's first branded retail Spring Avenue, spread over a lavish 1,00,000 sq ft at Khadakpada.

Today, Tycoons' Group is a name to reckon with. The Group is developing more landmark projects in Kalyan, thus offering a unique mixture of innovation, lifestyle and comfort.With the delivery of about 8 lakh-plus sq ft, the Group has given the city a distinct facelift. These homes allow the residents to enjoy a life of extravagance. For instance, Tycoons' Residency remains one such development, which is positioned as `luxury homes' within easy reach. At present, the Group is developing around 32 lakh-plus sq ft in Kalyan, currently in various stages of development and planning. The Group is all set to introduce their flagship project at Kalyan's urban city center, right next to Birla College in association with SICOM Realty Ltd.With a vision to create Kalyan's newest lifestyle destination, the project is set to bring the finest of luxury lifestyle experiences to the residents and prospective buyers of Kalyan who have long awaited a visionary project of this nature.

August 06 2016
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